Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our events.   If we have not answered all your questions here you are always welcome to call and we will try to get you an answer as quickly as we can.

Do you furnish bartender for BYOB’s?

Yes, as a matter of fact only Southern Hospitality’s certified by TABC Bartenders are permitted. Contact us for pricing.

Are there any nearby motels, hotels, available for overnight guests?

Nearby Whitesboro has two motels, and Collinsville has a guest house available for rent.

Do you have photographers available?

Yes we can furnish a photographer for an additional charge or you may furnish your own.

Is smoking permitted anywhere on the Rockin M facilities?

No smoking permitted inside any of Rockin M facilities. Smoking is permitted outside except in the hay meadow where it would be a fire hazard.

Is there a deposit required at time of booking the date?

Yes, amount of deposit depends on package event you select. This is a non-refundable deposit.

Can silly string, glitter or attachment to walls be used at any event?

No. We try to keep our surroundings authentic as possible. If you have a question about a decoration, let us know!

Do you have a sound system for use?

Yes, we have a sound system available complete with wireless mics.

Can you furnish a DJ for my event?

We can furnish a DJ for an additional cost, or you may supply your own.

Do you have a screen available for slideshows, etc.?

Yes, we have an 80" TV easily viewable from everywhere that can be used to play slideshows, videos, etc.

Do you allow extra time for decorating?

The lease time is strictly by the hour, so the amount needed to decorate would be charged the hourly rate.

Do you furnish clean up?

We may supply cleanup for an extra charge if you desire.