The phrase “la Dolce Vita,” means “the sweet life,” and we hope as you pass through the doors you will feel the warmth and love that we wish for all our visitors, and that they may come to understand the true meaning of living “the sweet life.”

Our Beginnings

We follow an exceptional man and woman who owned Turner Farms. Joe and Norma Turner raised quarter horses on this ranch and raced them all over the United States. The AQHA came to know Turner Farms as an outstanding breeder of winning quarter horses.

In front of our Party Barn is a 12 foot tall statue of a horse that serves as a tribute both to the AQHA and the Turners.  We are proud to salute them and say “Thanks” for passing on a beautiful legacy to the Rockin M Ranch and the Martin family. We will try to do you justice.

This historical ranch is still a working ranch but now has registered Charolaise cattle grazing where quarter horses once called home. The winners circle continues with cattle now instead of horses.

There is history everywhere you look, and we love to share it with our visitors!


Our Historic Barn

This barn was originally built in the mid-1800’s. Some of the square nails that were pulled out of the lumber can be seen on the inside above the front entrance doors. On the outside in the entrance you can see the round pegs that held the barn beams together. The big rocks around the flower bed on the south side of the front entrance were the rocks that served as the barns foundation. It stood well over a hundred years on these beams and on these rocks.

The lumber was painstakingly removed from its original position and lovingly rewashed and reused on the inside of the barn.  Some of the tin and most of the lumber used to simulate gates were part of the original building. Our thanks and love go to Shawn Smith and TSI Construction, for wanting to preserve the integrity of this barn as much as we did. On the south side of the barn, the red lumber was the original lumber exactly as it stood for years. The openings where the horses looked out were kept intact to simulate the horse stall openings.

The gold mirror that reflects back the beauty of the barn once belonged to a player for “Magic”, one of the Globe Trotters farm teams. The lamps on either side of Lilly Langtry’s picture, once belonged to the” Eagles” managers’ mother. Many of the chandeliers were very carefully hand selected and purchased at various antique stores in the area.


In the Meadow


The tree lined hay meadow captures the regal heart of the 100+ year old oak tree. Sunlight dances with silhouettes of beauty as it peaks through the trees majestic height.

Under the lofty branches is a white pipe fence and arch where wedding vows can be exchanged. A Texas flag flies in the breeze welcoming all who enter.